Trifold Brochure

Brochure Examples

  • Suggest at least 2 hotels near the major attractions in your state.
  • Find out how much the room costs per night.
  • Small photo of each hotel

Panel 2
  • Make a schedule of what days and times the group will visit each sight.

Panel 3
  • A Tour of (Name of the state)
  • Travel agency name (a logo is a bonus)
  • Tag line - something that will make people want to go on your trip

Panel 4/5
  • Depending on which layout you choose this will be two panels or one wide panel
  • Include a blurb about each of the sights you will go visit on this trip
  • Include a picture for each sight
  • Examples of sights include: museums, famous landmarks, amusement parks, historical sights

Panel 6
All About (Your State)
  • Map
  • Capital
  • Flag
  • Motto
  • Nickname
  • Climate
  • Geography
  • Interesting fact


Maine - Alana, Dani, Emma
New Hampshire -
Massachusetts - X
Connecticut/North Carolina - Katie, Lindsey, Amanda, Dorone
Rhode Island - X
New York - Matthew, Brooke, Adam
New Jersey - X
Pennsylvania - Aaron, Brandon, Natalie
Delaware - Lily, Noah, Steven
Maryland - Ben, Yonit, Layna
Virginia - X
North Carolina - X
South Carolina - X
Georgia - X

Part 1: Wiki Page
You will create a wiki page on your colony.

Information to include:
  • A map
  • Date founded
  • Date it became a state
  • Major industries
  • Name origin

SSDS Classroom Wiki Link

Part 2: Timeline
Tiki Toki
Time Toast
  1. Visit
  2. Create a log in.
  3. Create a timeline for your colony.
  4. You need to choose 10 significant dates in the history of your colony.
  5. Include an image and/or links for each significant date on your timeline
  6. When you finish your timeline click on Embed from the top menu bar.
  7. Highlight and copy the embed code.
  8. Go to your timeline wiki page.
  9. Click Edit.
  10. Click on the Widget button.
  11. Click on Other.
  12. Paste your embed code.
  13. Save.

Now your timeline should be embedded onto your page.

13 Colonies Research
Mr. Nussbaum 13 Colonies
13 American Colonies
13 Original Colonies
Maryland North Carolina South Carolina Georgia Virginia